Korea Guitar is dedicated to promoting independent and professional guitar-based music in South Korea.  The blog features interviews, stories and (soon) lessons from guitarists who hone their craft in Korea and internationally.  Anyone who plays with 4, 5, 6, 7 or12 strings is welcome to be a part of the blog.




Twitter: @Korea_guitar



  1. I think an interesting article for you would be to interview Tommy Gibbons.He is Korean, remarkable and living in Arizona. He is the shred lead guitarist in Tantric.They have had platinum albums and are still very active and about to release a new CD largely written by Tommy and the singer Hugo. Tommy won awards at guitar center competitions and Jazz awards too for his guitar solo work. In 2014 he won Best Guitarist in rock category by the Los Angeles Music Awards. He has been touring America for a long time and is still only 24 years old. He has largely gone under the radar. Want to see him play?? Go to youtube and select kailua music school and select Tommy Gibbons. Tantric is famous for the songs Breakdown and Mourning and have 10 top 40 hits. The new CD will have hits for sure. His real skill is as a song writer and also he has country albums he sings and plays on. Check Tommy out. You can reach him at 602-710-4785 or on facebook too. He is starting to become famous. Thank you.


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