Dave Robinson’s Spear

Today’s guitar comes from Dave Robinson, guitarist with Daejeon rockers Guilt Kick, who will be performing their first show at Daejeon Cantina on Friday, May 30, 2014.  This beast of a guitar was also used on his previous band Jeen Freek’s recording, Dad Strength, which was released today (May 20, 2014)  To have a listen to Dad Strength, visit http://jeenfreek.bandcamp.com/

Dave writes:

“I didn’t bring my guitar with me to Korea, so when I started playing in bands here I just borrowed current fellow Guilt Kick fellow Matt Ross’ cheapo Les Paul copy, made by Spear. After keeping hold of it for about 6 months, it crossed my mind that it’d probably be polite to offer to buy it from him, but I was forced into action only after accidentally throwing it wildly across my floor one night, taking chunks out the body and breaking the control knobs. Fortunately this allowed me to then negotiate a bargain price, since it was no longer in very good condition!! Thanks Matt!! These days the input jack is held in place (sometimes successfully) with superglue, the nobs are still mostly broken, and it generally falls out of tune within seconds…but she’s a keeper!!”

The toes are just an added bonus.

daves guitar


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